How to identify your Email Credential Leaked Information

Sathish Sivaprakash
2 min readJul 26, 2022

Hello Everyone.

We are going to see how to identify the email leaked information using some well known tools.

I Hope you’re familiar with most of the tools which I am going to mention here.


The most popular tool, and you can use it in two ways.

Like entering your email directly in the search box and check your ID is pwned or not.

Or, you can set the notification to your email, if any email from your organization is compromised or leaked in any data breach.


This tool required login and subscriptions.

But still you can use this tool, to identify in which data breach email is got leaked. later if your are lucky you can find that leaked DB and see your data in there.


This tool also required subscriptions.

It provides, the email and password found and the source [Data Breach] name will be displayed.


All these tools are paid tools, if you want to learn more about your organization data you can pay and take the service.

There are other many tools available, if you know anything best please mention in comments.

Thanks for reading.



Sathish Sivaprakash

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